Self Publishing: Warts And All

Best selling fantasy author Diane Duane recently came clean on delays to her online third novel in the Feline Wizards series. She finally finished it, but it took a while due to health and other issues.

Cory Doctorow recently posted on the delay at Boing Boing, saying that as self publishing becomes more prevalent, more readers will likely be let down as they see a side to books they never saw in the traditional publishing model – that authors are human, and sometimes, things stall or fall apart. In fact, Doctorow said “off the rails” is the status of most books, but only now are readers becoming privy to the process.

This is normal, and we know how to deal with it in the world of traditional publishing. But in the world of public writing-as-performance where there are hundreds or possibly thousands of people with a financial stake in the book — people who aren’t editors at a house with 400 books under contract, but rather people who’ve never been around a book during its creation — it gets really difficult and sticky.

We here at Collective Inkwell have our own “off the rails” situation with our first online experiment in self-publishing, Available Darkness which is on hiatus as we work on completing other work (and stories). The book will continue, but this time, we’ll wait until we’re done before releasing chapters.

Read the whole Doctorow piece here.

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