The Secret To Awesome Book Cover Designs

Ever wonder what goes into book cover designs?

While many books look painfully similar these days (especially in the teen vampire genre!), there are always those which stand out. The ones you look at and think, I have to see what this book is about!

Well, just like any other art, the secret to great book cover design is an artist’s willingness to try new things – to experiment.

Books Blog posted a great behind-the-scenes feature on the creative ways which some memorable book covers were made.

That zig-zaggy line on the front of Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World, which makes the book look as though it has been rudely torn in half (echoing the motif of the Jorgland Pipe in the novel)? No, not created with a few clicks on Photoshop, but by hacking apart a copy of Mark Twain’s diaries with a Stanley knife. Older books have better quality paper so tear better, apparently. Who knew?

Check out the whole post here and get inspired for your book cover!

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