Publishing Predictions For 2011

Novel Journey has some interesting predictions for the publishing industry this year from Chip MacGregor, president of MacGregor Literary. The predictions offer a great glimpse not only ahead, but where we are now, and what writers and publishers should do to better position themselves.

Eighth, your platform and participation in marketing will be more important to publishers than ever before. Book marketing has shifted from “business-to-business” (e.g., an ad in a trade magazine) to “business-to-consumer.” That means the future of marketing your book is going to be focused on social media. It also means you, as the author, will be expected to take an even bigger role in promoting your title. And not just via Facebook and Twitter — you’ll want to know about Wattpad, Copia, Figment, Flickr, Tumblr, Cursor… the list goes on.

For this, along with other predictions, including one that most people won’t make money in self-publishing, read the whole post.

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