Apple Rejects Sony Reader.Could Kindle Be Next?

Apple has rejected the Sony Reader application from inclusion at its app store, prompting some to wonder if Amazon’s Kindle app might be next?

And if so, what kind of backlash might be in store for Apple? And how might it affect iPad and the coming iPad 2 sales?

The change may signal a shift for Apple. The company has made more money selling hardware than music, e-books or apps. If people could have access to more content from more sources on their iPhones and iPads, the thinking went, then they would buy more devices.

The move is also surprising, as Apple has indicated recently that it would be more collaborative, not less, with magazine publishers and other content producers that want more control over how to distribute content on the iPad.

Read the whole post at the New York Times.

What do you think? If Apple kicks Kindle out of its app store, how would it influence your tablet or ebook purchases?

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