Do Authors Make Good Publishers?

2010 seemed to be the year of the Author recognizing his/her power and eschewing traditional models of publication. The web has given writers more power than ever. But exactly what kind of success are authors such as Seth Godin, Corey Doctorow, and JD Konrath having as they go the self-publishing route?

Ereads asked just that question.

Do authors make good publishers?  The answer is No. But it’s fascinating to watch them try. Years ago as the e-book revolution dawned, we said that in order to keep pace with the new digital culture, authors would have to become more like publishers. “As electronic technology hurtles too fast for even futurists to keep up with,” we wrote, “a generation of readers is emerging that will not accept text unless it is interactively married to other media.”

Read the whole article here.

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