Tag, You're it!

We’ve been naughty.

We’ve gone back on our word. For that, we’re truly sorry.

But there’s nothing to do now except lean away from the monitor and hope you understand.

Though we have decisive, exciting plans for the Inkwell, we simply cannot feed them our attention right now.

Dave and I are working tirelessly to do some remarkable stuff, both behind the drawn curtains of our own projects and with our awesome new friends at REV.

We have an official product in the works and have enlisted the brilliance of Danny Cooper to make it happen. It’s so impossibly awesome I can hardly stand it.

We’re still working on Available Darkness and were thrilled to meet our first deadline in a month with a new issue published last Friday. However, work on getting Penny to print has ceased, as has most of our other author work.

Not only do we have a deficit of minutes with which to write about the shifting plates of the publishing world, for the time being we are no longer immersed enough to provide authentic perspective.

This means the Inkwell must make a temporary return to its roots.

Before we knew what we wanted the Inkwell to be, Dave and I were sure of one thing – we wanted a place to unify our talents, where we could each rely on the other to help turn our combined efforts into something remarkable.

We didn’t know what we would write, exactly. Only that we would continuously share the duties and always put our best ink forward.

And so it is again.

I’ve no idea what I’ll be writing when it’s my turn to press publish, though I’m sure it’ll probably have a lot overly eager and slightly scattered enthusiasm. Dave’s posts will probably be a bit on the glum side, we might even change the site design back to black on his days.

We’ll play a little Tag, You’re it!, passing the baton and keeping our best writers in touch with another, while keeping ourselves connected with you.

Give me a shout if you have an opinion about what you’d like to read first. I’ve been dying to write about how freaking awesome LOST is and how much I’m enjoying this final season. Yeah, I’ve written about it twice before, but that show is so hellz yeah, I could fill a NaNoWriMo with my thoughts for this season alone.

I’ve also been wanting to write a rant about the 900 teacher layoffs in my school district. I could write about it over at Writer Dad, but then I’d have to omit highly effective words such as piss and shit.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about simply starting out with some version of Once Upon a Time, then seeing where the next 500 words or so take me. There’s not been a lot of creative writing in my work these days (though a creative brief I finished last week was referred to as “A Work of Art!”), so it might be a wonderful shifting of gears.

Would love to hear what you think.

Tag – you’re it Dave!

5 responses to Tag, You're it!

  1. Kim

    Oh, man! I was so excited when I saw Collective Inkwell, new post 3 minutes ago, listed on my blog roll that I jumped right over and commented. Then I went back to my blog and saw it wasn’t 3 minutes, it was 3 months. Where are you guys? I miss reading your work. 😦
    (And now I need to go find my glasses…)
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Birthdays- Butterflies- and CAKE =-.

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