And My Dad Wouldn't Even Let Me Read This Site

Kelly MccannlisWow! I can’t believe I’m guest posting at the Collective Inkwell.

I thought it was pretty exciting when Mr. Platt let me guest post over at Writer Dad on Wednesday, but the Inkwell is even better. I’m usually not even allowed to read this site because my dad said that sometimes it’s inappropriate. I tried to tell him that was really only on Fridays and not even anymore since they moved their horror story to its own thingy, but then he asked me how I even knew about the story in the first place and then I had to leave the room.

Anyway, Mr. Platt said it might be kind of fun to publish something at the Inkwell since that’s where a bunch of other authors hang out. Then I said that I wasn’t really sure if that was a good idea and that I didn’t consider myself an author. I’ve only written the one book after all, and it hasn’t even really come out yet. Besides, I’m only in sixth grade.

“Did you write a book?” he said.


“Then you’re an author.”

My mom gets really mad at me when I argue with grownups so I just said okay. Then I started to get excited.

I don’t want to be one of those writers who repeats themselves all the time, so I won’t talk about what the book is all about like I did at Writer Dad. Instead I’d like to talk about what I plan to do with the book since that’s probably what you’re more interested in anyway.

A couple of days ago I released my new book, Penny to a Million in a really pretty PDF and it’s available as a free download. I wrote all the words, of course, but I had Collective Inkwell do the book cover because whenever I try to draw something my sister Nicky makes fun of me. Making a book cover that a whole bunch of people are going to see would probably be like a million times worse.

I’m gonna put the book in print, probably in a couple months or so. But I’m giving the PDF to the first 1,000 people who want it. After that I’m going to charge like five bucks.

I read the thing I was supposed to read over at SmashWords, so next week I plan to get the book in a whole bunch of different formats and stuff. I hope to get it done quickly, but I’ll get in trouble if I finish it before I’m done with my science project. Our teacher gave us the prompt in September, but I haven’t even started mine, even though it’s due in March. My mom is trying not to get mad at me, but I think I’m pushing her.

Anyway, when I’m all done with SmashWords, then I’m going to do the podcast. Except I’m probably going to have Mr. Platt help me record since my voice has been a little squeaky lately.

Mr. Platt said I could come back and talk about what it was like to put the book on SmashWords and record the podcast, but he also said it was up to me. I might blog about it over at my site, but I haven’t decided. I have a lot on my plate and everything. Plus, there’s this girl I really like and I heard her tell her friend Wendy that she thought blogging was nerdy. I’m on Twitter though, if you want to follow me.

If the book does well, I’ll write another one because a LOT has happened so far in sixth grade.

If you want to be one of the people who gets to read my book for free, you can download it here.

Thanks for reading!

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6 responses to And My Dad Wouldn't Even Let Me Read This Site

  1. cindy platt

    You are aces in my book, You are the out of the box thinker this teacher loves to know and learn from. You have a great voice and your audience is here to support you. Cheers! P.S. No pressure, but I am really dying to know what happens in Book 2. Waiting patiently and savoring Book 1 with my students. They think you are “da bomb, YO!”
    .-= cindy platt´s last blog ..Building a Community of Writers =-.

    • Sean

      Hi Mrs. Platt!

      I can’t wait to write the next one. My dad made me promise I wouldn’t start until the first one had “traction” because he said I get carried away. So I’m hoping it happens pretty fast because I’m really excited.
      .-= Sean´s last blog ..Mac N’ Cheese Never Hurt =-.

  2. Anne Wayman

    Kelly, when I think what I was doing in 6th grade – well some of it was cool, but a lot wasn’t – I want to say Congratulations. And if you ever want to do a guest post over at my blog ( I’d love it.

    I occasionally get questions asking “… am I too young to write a book?” You are an example of why I always say ‘no’.
    .-= Anne Wayman´s last blog ..Friday Fun For Freelance Writers =-.

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