Available Darkness Has a New Home

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed our serialized horror thriller Available Darkness at Collective Inkwell. However, it is now ready to move out on its own.

We’ve moved it to AvailableDarknessBook.com and would love to see you over there.

We had a few reasons for this move, but mostly it boiled down to wanting to use the space at Collective Inkwell for more diverse things and giving us the freedom to post different stuff on Fridays.

But not to worry, dear reader, Available Darkness will continue strong EVERY Friday until book one is complete.

Yes, you read that right. Book One, as Available Darkness will be a trilogy (something we’ve hinted at in the comments).

So stop by our new digs and say hi. We’ll have some more Available Darkness announcements next week, but for now, go check out the latest chapter as John comes face to face with a startling realization.

As for what will be here next Friday – stay tuned.

4 responses to Available Darkness Has a New Home

  1. Marc

    Will there also be a prequel, say twenty years down the line? 😀

    I’ll pop my thoughts on the book’s site here:

    It’s looking good as always Dave, beautiful work. The black and blue work very well together. I also particularly like the “Designed by…” logo you have.

    Question: Where do you guys find the time?

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