6 People to Read and Trust in the World of Publishing

people to trust in publishingWriting a book can be rough, seeing that book to print like a barefoot trip to the dentist over broken glass.

We’re in the dilated pupil of a publishing sea change. There are a lot of voices out there, many of them yelling. Knowing who to listen to, deserving not only your brevity of time, but your limited trust, is essential to maintaining your sharp focus and overall sanity.

Dave and I are getting to know more people in the publishing and self-publishing circles. These are some voices we feel are worth listening to.

Joanna Penn is an author, speaker and business consultant based in Australia, though, as she is quick to point out, she is in fact British. Joanna blogs at the Creative Penn with an interesting mix of interviews and posts which cover everything from writing tips to marketing and WordPress to podcasting. Like us, Joanna is intrigued by every step of the publishing process. Follow Joanna on Twitter.

Jonathan Fields is author of the WSJ bestseller, Career Renegade. Jonathan is always thoughtful and intelligent. Cool stuff falls from the dude when he walks. Jonathan recently launched, Tribal Author, a site designed to help modern authors navigate their way through the winding boulevards of a quickly changing landscape. He released the rather remarkable (and free!) guide for new authors called, The Truth About Book Marketing. Follow Jonathan on Twitter.

Booksquare has two taglines, and I can’t decide which I like more. Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism or The whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless making it up is easier or funnier. Both are wonderfully charming and perfectly clear. Booksquare, for the most part, is Kassia Krozser, an opinionated, witty gal who loves to walk all trestles of the publishing industry. Kassia says, “Like a child who needs firm, corrective guidance, publishers and writers need Booksquare.” Follow Kassia on Twitter.

Christina Katz, also known as Writer Mama, helps mom writers get “Known Before the Book Deal” Christina takes her decade of experience writing and teaching, and creates successful strategies to help moms on their road to publication. Follow Christina on Twitter.

Kirk Biglione is the writer at Medialoper. Though Kirk analyzes the media in general, he has a specific focus on the transition from traditional to digital. Most of his content contemplates the impact the Internet on the entertainment industry at large. Follow Kirk on Twitter.

April Hamilton is self-publishing rights activist and founder of Publetariat. She is an author, blogger, and Technorati BlogCritic. She is a leading advocate and speaker for the indie author movement. Publetariat is a hub site, aggregating news and relevant posts from the self-publishing world, along with some original content. Follow April on Twitter.

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17 responses to 6 People to Read and Trust in the World of Publishing

  1. Dave

    It speaks well of you that you have the confidence and the good grace to recommend other sources of information, inspiration and authority. And I had no idea that Jonathan Fields had another site, so thanks for that.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Stories And Songs: Morningtown Ride =-.

    • Sean

      Pleasure on all counts. Hey, there’s plenty of information out there. No one has a monopoly on that. We’re learning. It’s awesome if the audience can learn right along with us!

  2. Joanna Penn

    Hi Sean, thanks so much for including me on the list! I am certainly interested in all things related to books, publishing and book promotion and I just like to share and be honest about the journey.
    The others on your list are certainly fantastic and I would also like to add:
    *Mark Coker of Smashwords.com, who is building a fantastic e-publishing world for indie authors http://twitter.com/markcoker

    Jane Friedman of Writer’s Digest for great blog posts for writers http://twitter.com/janefriedman
    There are so many more – I may have to do a post like this myself!

    Thanks, Joanna
    .-= Joanna Penn´s last blog ..Outlining Your Novel: Why and How =-.

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