So Where Are We Going?

Client work is an enriching experience. The relationships are rewarding and the content is fun to produce, but it could never compare to those things we build with our own hands, directly from our minds, without a middleman in between. We have an embarrassing amount of projects, from drawing board to final draft.

The following list is comprised of those projects that are currently the furthest along in their journey to completion

Writer Dad – Sean’s home site, where he writes each weekday about his family and about a life well said. His essays span the range of emotions, including sentimental, nostalgic, humorous, serious, thoughtful and thought provoking.

Blogger Dad – David’s home site where he writes humorous and heart warming essays about his experiences raising his two year old son. He also rants about the inane things which drive us all crazy.

Ghostwriter Dad – Our office, Ghostwriter Dad is our online net helping us to gather business clients big and small who need anything from direct response copy and marketing to branding. We also work on an individual basis with authors and content creators, ghostwriting everything from fiction to info products.

Collective Inkwell – The always-evolving Inkwell is currently our most welcome home to harbor the best of our creativity. It will remain the prime location for us to showcase our thoughts on writing, creativity, partnership, as well as the first spot where we will unveil any upcoming projects. From the scores of comments we’ve had on this story, this one from Marc at Welshscribe might be our favorite:

Available Darkness – Our genre bending first novel, involving elements of horror, suspense, thrillers and fantasy. Available Darkness will be published in the near future. We have serialized the production with fresh pages every Friday published on the upcoming book’s own domain. Marc, from Welshscribe left one of our favorite comments on this story so far. “So I thought I’d make some lunch, sit down and read the next chapter of Available Darkness. Constantly thinking, as I always do, of what to put in the comments that’s going to do Dave and Sean’s masterpiece the kind of justice it deserves. Indeed, there I was, lost in thought when I smelled something burning. I think that says it all.

Children Write the Future – A fledgling site that’s just now taking off, Children Write the Future encourages young writers to find their voice. Backed by Sean and David, and managed by Sean’s wife Cindy, a teacher of twenty years, the content at Children Write the Future is quite the mixture. Writing advice and prompts for young writers, thoughtful posts for parents, writing samples from children of all ages, and every Friday there is a fresh installment from the serialized chapter book, “Penny to a Million,” which is also the first book to be published under the Collective Inkwell imprint.

Penny to a Million – A book with fourth and fifth grade children in mind, but born from the brain of a serial entrepreneur who has been going since he was a kid, Penny to a Million is a chapter book with heart. The book is being released with a small print run with a larger second run to follow.

Four Seasons – A novel consisting of twelve interconnected vignettes, each told throughout the months of the year. The book has been called “Amazing,” “Gripping, touching, and emotionally charged,” and “Words with a magical feel.” Collective Inkwell will be publishing Four Seasons in POD format sometime early next year.

Potty Training Power – A prime example of a niche site blending many of the things we do best: web design, blogging, direct response marketing, general content creation and branding. Potty Training Power is our first pass at passive income.

Those are highlights from the forty or so things that keep us busy each day. Stick around for much, much more.

Stay tuned. Monday we’ll be publishing the final part in our series looking back at our first year online.

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