Let’s Make an Ebook! – Why Most Ebooks Fail to Meet Their Potential.

After finally understanding how to make SEO work for us, we decided to write and release our first information product. Obviously, we wanted to write about something which we had some authority.

Sean’s previous experience running a preschool had left him with a thorough understanding of not only potty training children, but the psychology of dealing with parents going through it and how to approach the process in a friendly, developmentally appropriate way. Potty training can be a traumatic experience and we knew our product was not only viable but would also be welcome by those looking for help.

The best info products are those where you can speak with fluidity on the subject, know more than 98% of the population, and have an excellent track record of personal success.

Check, check, check.

We couldn’t have been more excited about our new project. Sean had the experience and David had the artistic skill needed to bring the dream to fruition, build the niche site and brand the product. Working in tandem through drafts, landing pages, and posts, we developed the site and put the product out for sale.

Every child needs to be potty trained. Millions of families need help each year.

We were gonna be rich!

But it doesn’t work like that. We barely made a dime at launch, and again, that dime had to be divided. Much like our early crack at wee-books, a blog post to facilitate a product launch just wasn’t going to cut it. We weren’t worried, though. This time, we had SEO on our side. That would be more than enough to drive sales, right?


No matter what business you think you are in, you are really in the business of marketing. If you have a product, you have to sell it. No one is going to come begging, no matter how much they might like you as a person.

There is also trust to consider. Trust is a major ingredient in every sales recipe, but even more so when it comes to online sales where your clients cannot look you in the eyes or hear the tone of your voice when they are asking you questions. This is why it is so much more difficult to sell from a landing page than it is through a prospect’s inbox, a lesson we had yet to learn.

All wasn’t lost, though. Our Potty Training product rebounded six months later to become our first generator of passive income. Of course, this only happened after we hit a few more walls and bloodied our noses on the basic tenets of successfully releasing an info product that rocks at launch and continues to roll through the aftershocks for a long while to come.

There is quite a bit to learn, but here are the three most important components.

1) Rock Solid SEO. This means having plenty of posts in place with the appropriate inbound links that will help you rank for the keywords that draw the most highly targeted traffic. In other words, your leads will have been looking for whatever it is you’re selling before they ever land on your page.

2) A deep understanding of direct response copy. This is the stuff that makes you a marketing Jedi. Effective direct response copy takes your prospects by the hands, guides them precisely where you need them to go, then helps them to take the action you want them to take. Learning to write highly effective direct response copy is like learning to print your own money.

3) A smart auto-responder. Selling to someone from a cold landing page is a lot like expecting to get lucky on the first date. It can be done, especially if you look like Brad Pitt, but it’s a lot more likely to happen after a bit of wining and dining. Carefully crafted email newsletters will allow you to bond with your prospects, let them know you a little better, and help them understand why they should care about what it is you have to offer.

Despite the wobbly early success of our first venture, we could feel success starting to mount. It was time to take the things we did best and plant the flag in another online opportunity.

Stay tuned. Wednesday we’ll be publishing the next part in our series looking back at our first year online.

2 responses to Let’s Make an Ebook! – Why Most Ebooks Fail to Meet Their Potential.

  1. Trina

    It does seem so easy on the surface – just put your knowledge together in an attractive package…. interesting to read about your experience afterword.
    Onwards, and upwards; right?

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