Stumbling onto The Secret – The Unlimited Potential of Collaboration Without Ego.

One of the most difficult things about blogging, writing for a living, or creativity in general, is the constant stream of words and ideas you must regularly wade through, and the loss of perspective that invariably comes along with it.

What if there was a way to write three to four times as fast while adding an exponent to your creativity?

We know, it’s pretty difficult to believe, but we stumbled on the secret early and have used it to fuel our many endeavors, from blogging to direct response copywriting to ghostwriting books for happy clients.

It started one day when David sent Sean a few pages of a story he had been sitting on for years and had pretty much left for dead. David loved the edits Sean sent back and Sean loved playing with the story. We passed the pages back and forth until they sang in a wonderful key that didn’t quite belong to either of us. It was something new and, to us, rather remarkable.

Though we had passed words back and forth before, there was some kind of tipping point embedded in that day. It’s one thing to pass copy, it is another to pass the creative drafts that are borne from the heart. As most artists will tell you, its hard to allow someone access to your ideas, believe in them enough to let them knead the creative clay. It is also difficult to assume the responsibility, knowing you must be careful with another’s ideas.

There was no ego, and therein lay the magic.

Each of us was able to add what we do best while allowing the other to subtract the worst of the other’s weaknesses, and never with a threat to feelings or ego.

Not only was our first novel, Available Darkness, born that day, but so was a system that we’ve since finely tuned to fly through copy that takes us less time and is of a higher quality than either one of us would manage on our own.

This is the Power of WE in action and it’s benefits are many.

  • A fuller roster of clients – running through copy in less time means you can manage more clients in any given week.
  • Happier clients – four eyes on every page means everything we deliver is top notch. This means our clients are always happy and eager to return for more.
  • More projects on our plates – writing copy is fun, but product development is a blast. The power of collaboration allows us to harness our creative energy for the collective good, helping to pile on the paying projects while still having time for our own creative endeavors.
  • Bigger dreams in less time – We got in this game to achieve our dreams. Collaboration is helping to pull it toward us at an accelerated pace.

With a system in place, it was time to put it to practice by creating our first information product and niche site to match. After all, the SEO dragon was laying in a headless heap, all the kids were doing it, and sales while we were sleeping was certainly part of the overall dream.

Stay tuned. Monday we’ll be publishing the next part in our series looking back at our first year online.

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