Your Vegas Questions Answered!

Yes, I’m still running far, far behind and this week probably won’t help much since I’m heading to the 140 Character Conference on Twitter in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, I know you are curious about the happenings in Vegas and I am eager to share. For the sake of both brevity and clearly tending to your curiosity, I will be answering every question asked in the comments Monday and Tuesday for a post to be published on Wednesday.

I’m doing the same thing over at Writer Dad, so feel free to jump over there if your question is more personal than professional.



One response to Your Vegas Questions Answered!

  1. janice

    I’m about to head over to WDad. The piece in my feed seems to be different from this, so either I’m losing it, or they got switched.

    Have a fantastic time at the conference!

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