A New Collective Inkwell


Happy August 20th!

I know, the day might not mean a whole lot to you. However, it was one year ago today when the seeds of possibility for Collective Inkwell were first planted when David and I met via email. We are now five months into our first joint web site and ready to shed the first skin so we can step into another.

Here is Collective Inkwell 2.0, a different focus and a new, lighter, cleaner look.

When we first started Collective Inkwell we had one certain goal: we craved an online space that could serve two masters; to plant a flag in our business while establishing an online workshop where the two of us could work in tandem. We work well together. Our strengths and weaknesses compliment one another’s perfectly, allowing us to work efficiently and creatively in ways it would take far longer to do solo.

At roughly the same time we started dipping our collective quills into the Inkwell, we were also establishing a different, business-minded domain over at Ghostwriter Dad. The two sites were each founded with an opposite approach, allowing us to experiment and run with the one which worked best. Ghostwriter Dad was built as a niche site, quietly bringing in business in the background, dependent on the strength of SEO alone. Collective Inkwell was less business-like, allowing us to reveal a more personal side of our creativity.

The overlords of optimization are a fickle brigade for sure, but at the time of this writing, Ghostwriter Dad shows up on the first page for the search term “ghostwriter.”

This has kept the two of us occupied with a desktop filled with a steady stream of direct response content creation. It makes perfect sense to send all our business there, thus clearing the clouds for a new sky here at the Inkwell.

We have tons of tremendous stuff planned for the site’s immediate future and already know what 3.0 will entail. In the meantime, the main thing we want from the site (for both ourselves and you, our valuable reader) is FUN.

Our calendar is inked with many surprises scheduled across the next couple of months, starting next week with a BIG announcement about the next phase of our overall plan for Available Darkness, as well as the release of a wonderful little piece of personal writing we’ve been working on a while.

If you are one of our readers interested in the business side of things, please subscribe to Ghostwriter Dad and keep in touch with us as our online content creation and marketing skills continue to evolve. If you care to see a sample of our content work, you can check out our potty training help site, Potty Training Power.

Together, we are responsible for 100% of the content, design, marketing and success of the site and its attached product.

Before we go, we’d love to ask you a small favor. Michael Stelzner has opened nominations for his fourth annual Best Writing Blog award. If you love the Inkwell and feel we are deserving of a nod, please head on over and drop your thoughts in the comments. We would really appreciate the support. : > )

While Writer Dad and Blogger Dad capture us as family men and Ghostwriter Dad is us at the office – pure professionals, Collective Inkwell is us as artists and friends, hanging around and talking about those things that inspire us most. And we’re glad to have you here to join us. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Here’s to clean pages yet to be filled…

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42 responses to A New Collective Inkwell

  1. cindy platt

    This experience has been like sitting around a virtual coffee table saying what if… Congratulations on great collaboration. You all are setting the precedent to hit the ball out of the park. Thank you for inspiring so many creative souls. I am a huge fan of the dynamic duo’s doodles.

    • Sean

      Yummy, juicy, delicious stuff in store for the future – some of it riding on the back of this site. Thanks, Kim!

  2. Marylin

    Wow this looks great! I can’t believe it’s thesis… I really should look into doing more with it on my blog.
    You guys are an inspiration, you really are, and I wish you both all the best and a successful partnership for years to come. Hopefully I’ll still be reading by that time too! 🙂

    • Sean

      We hope you’re still reading then as well! From what I understand, the Thesis coming out in September is going to be WAY more user friendly with some basic drag and drop added to the user interface. You’ll be able to squeeze a lot more out of your design than you might be able to now – all with less headache.

    • Dave and Sean

      Thank you. I like to try and look as different as I’m able to get it to look from that standard. Someday, when I really know what I’m doing, I’m looking forward to doing something crazy different.

  3. Marc

    Marilyn is spot on. You guys are an inspiration on so many levels. If anyone ever wanted to see what a newcomer to the blogosphere can do with a lot of heart and determination, they need look no further than you two.

    You have the wisdom and the courage to evolve and roll with your learning experiences. It’s a very healthy growth and I wish you all the best for the future.

    P.S I am liking the new design.

    • Sean

      Thanks Marc, for supporting us without fail and for a very long time. Year one was all about stretching. Year two is all about the sprint. : > )

      Since I’m here…

      YES, I saw the trailer for Peter Jackson’s Lovely Bones, and I think it looks outstanding. I loved the book, thought he was the perfect person to give it color, and loved everything I saw in the trailer. I am chomping at the bit something fierce to see Cameron’s Avatar trailer which dropped this morning. First my Internet went down and now the link is dead. I’ve been waiting to see this trailer since before I registered Writer Dad!

      • Marc

        Since before you snatched it from under David’s nose you mean?

        *runs away cackling maniacally*

    • Sean

      Hi Glynis! Yes, Cyberworld is in every way more fantastic than I ever imagined it could be. I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

  4. Emma Newman

    This is why I go on about white space! I *love* the new design – and am so thrilled that you guys are doing the re-design for my place. Yay!

    • Sean

      The white space looks really, really good. I loved the old black for sure, but it was only perfect for the coolio in phase one. This suits our aim much better now. As far as your new design – you totally deserved it. : > )

  5. Susan Greene

    Love the new look. Sparkling clean and professional. Easier on the eyes than the reversed type on the old design. You guys just keep getting better and better.

    • Sean

      It’s Dave that keeps getting better. I just got better at not whining about how much I liked the black. : > )

      • Dave and Sean

        Susan – Thank you. While I loved the black, it was even hard on MY eyes and I’m not even that old…yet.

        Sean – Thanks for not whining anymore. I was getting tired of holding my fingers in my ears.

  6. Bonnie | FaithBarista

    LUV your new diggs, guys! Now, you’ve spruced up to invite more people to this inspiring roundtable of writers. Inspiring and fun! I’m heading over to Michael Stelzner to vote for CI right now!

    • Sean

      Thanks for the compliment and the vote Bonnie! We appreciate it. I agree, I think the white is a lot more inviting and the open space makes plenty of room for some new voices.

  7. Lori Hoeck

    Congratulations on the SEO wonders you’ve wrought to get you on the front page for a Google “ghostwriter” search! The patience, diligence, and care you two put into your collaborations is inspiring. Thank you for sharing with your readers your online journey of artistry and creativity.

    I like the more open feeling to the site now, and the “how can we help you” box is a great touch.

    • Sean

      It is our pleasure. There is a tremendous amount of joy in this site, and we are eagerly looking forward to the evolution. Yes, I LOVE the “how can we help you” box. That was all Dave’s idea. The man is a born visual marketer. : >)

  8. Trina

    I am so happy for both of you. This new doo for your duo has just enough of the old you to feel comfortable and the right amount of the new you to be exciting.
    Months ago when you two started this project I assumed it would be a bit dry and unappealing – for me. Shame, shame. Partly because I wasnt interested in honing my writing, and partly because I only ‘knew’ Sean a bit, and really didnt know Dave at all…. now I know better. Something kept drawing me back, I learned a little something from each article offered and overtime have learned from each of you.
    Thanks for keeping ‘u’ in FUN.

    • Dave and Sean

      Thank you. It was tough to get rid of the black – tougher still to get Sean to allow me to do so. There are still a few things I need to fix in the design, but I like it, overall.

      And thanks for giving the site a chance despite your initial fears. We appreciate it.

  9. Social Media Lesson: Reach out – Listen – Learn

    […] In Creativity is Easier when you have a Partner – David Wright shares an AMAZING story of how reaching out -listening and learning helped him turn losing the only job he ever loved into not only a book but also a business (Collective Inkwell). […]

  10. Bamboo Forest - PunIntended

    I really love the new look.

    “In the meantime, the main thing we want from the site (for both ourselves and you, our valuable reader) is FUN.”

    Hah. This has always been my philosophy blogging. 88 ways to have gratitude can wait till another day.

  11. Jamie Lee

    Mostly been lurking here (due more to lack of time than anything else), but had to come out of the woodwork to offer my congratulations. Maintaining one site as well as you do is no small feat … maintaining four (and the business they bring in) is Herculean, to say the least.

    Thanks for everything you’ve brought to us so far. Looking forward to what comes next … on all fronts (I’m off to RSS Ghostwriter Dad!).

    • Sean

      Thanks for the compliment Jamie Lee, and for coming out of the bushes! It is wonderful to meet you. We hope you liked Ghostwriter Dad as well!

    • Sean

      I love Dave’s work on 2.0. I was admittedly attached to the black, but the white will definitely make the content stand out more and be easier to read – both essential.

  12. janice

    Sorry I missed the launch and the last few episodes; I’ve not been well and am doing a bit of catching up today.

    Love the new look! No point in having Thesis unless you have fun playing with it and exploit the SEO potential. It’s the perfect theme for all your sites. I loved the look of the black, but my eyes appreciate this.

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