At Long Last, Link Love

Link LoveBy Dave and Sean:

We don’t link enough. If you ask Sean, it’s Dave’s fault, but Dave swears it’s Sean (and since I, Dave, am editing, yes it is all Sean’s fault). Truth is, we’re both Sean is guilty.

We get so tied up in our future plans, our work, our book and our blah blah blogging, we often forget to mention those who are doing awesome stuff on the web.

This is by no means, a complete list. Consider it a start and look for followups in later posts as we attempt to be a bit more community minded.

First up, Bonnie Gray, formerly of the Just Peachy Baby Blog, sent us a wonderful letter regarding her decision to quit her business blog and follow her desires to launch a new blog that she’s always wanted to create, Faith Barista. She credited two posts at Collective Inkwell (The Reality of the Tortured Writer and The Zen of New Ideas) with helping strengthen her convictions to follow her heart. We have always been about creativity here and to know that something we wrote has helped another with their creative pursuits, is both an honor and humbling. Thank you, Bonnie.

Melissa Donovan does wonderful work over at Writing Forward. We love her voice and find her tips both helpful and precise. If you are a beginning writer, or perhaps struggling to take that next step, we can’t imagine a better writing coach than Melissa.

There are big changes ahead for the Inkwell. Dave wants to redesign our old sites about as often as Sean wants to start a new one. Ahead of our pending changes comes this wonderful post from the Men (and one woman) With Pens about knowing when (and why) you should redesign your site.

This next is a post written by a 13 year old teenager from across the pond who is sharing the journey with her mother, and one of our most vocal commenters, Janice. Her daughter, JD is stockpiling words for her very own Thesis blog.

Almost anyone who must create on a regular basis could benefit from the merit of a mind map. Marelisa tells us everything we need to know about the mind map and its many uses over at the Abundance Blog.

Speaking of redesigns – Dave has done a clean redesign of BlogtoFit, the diet and weight loss blog where he has also pledged to post updates of his daily menu. Taking a small break from our usual designer dogma, Dave has used Eric Hamm’s Frugal Theme rather than Thesis. Check out the results.

Marc recently finished a terrific series on basic SEO that will easily yield benefit to just about any blogger. Start at the beginning and head through all five posts. At the end there is an open Q&A. Leave a comment encouraging Marc to turn it all into an ebook.

Sometimes social media is like a beehive with all the buzzing and none of the honey. Seth Godin sums it up quite neatly in a hair over two minutes. Well, it’s Seth so there’s no hair, but you know what we mean. Vered takes a break from her blogger for hire Mom Grind to host the video.

For those of you that enjoy serialized fiction, we are thrilled to see that Collective Inkwell Short Story winner Emma Newman is posting a podcast up of her post-apocalyptic novel for young adults on her site. Emma is a great writer. And I (Dave) can listen to an English person read all day long (love the accent). She’s up to Chapter Three, but you might want to start with Chapter One.

One of Dave’s favorite inspirational and informative sites is Smashing Magazine. Whether you’re looking for a free premium WordPress theme, 10 handy WP Comments  hacks, 50 beautiful blog designs (they are always showcasing awesomely designed sites there), or 50 CSS techniques for your next web design, there is simply NO BETTER or more informative site on the web for designers and artists.

Though we all know full well that moms and bloggers both have no difficulty with multi-tasking, this awesome article over at Lateral Action casts doubt on the assertion.

Collective Inkwell is all about collaboration, so it’s no surprise that we include a link to this post on writing and collaboration.

We’ll close with a link to one of our own projects – The Collective Inkwell launched a cool little commercial last week. You’ll find it on the right hand side of this potty training help page. Just press play (and try not to get the song stuck in your head). While there, check out Dave’s current potty training odyssey.

Enjoy the links! We’ll see you on Friday for this weeks chapter of Available Darkness.

Dave and Sean

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8 responses to At Long Last, Link Love


    thanks for the collection..Though I have been visiting most of these sites, but love the wya you have put all of this here…

    creative indeed..!

  2. Emma Newman

    Wheee! I feel famous :o) Thanks for the link love, and so glad you’re enjoying the podcasts, I’ve found it to be so enjoyable and rewarding, but knowing that you guys are listening too makes it even better.

  3. Bonnie | FaithBarista

    Wow. I’ve been link loved by Collective Inkwell. My heart be still.

    It’s amazing. I never thought when I first started lurking around here, that I would find my voice to write.

    You guys do ink well. In fact, that ink is some pretty powerful stuff. It became a part of my writing life story, and helped ink the chapter where I rewrote the words my mother said to me time and time again as a little girl. Bonnie, you can’t write.

    It was those two posts, I heard my self saying. Softly, but audibly. No, momma. I can.

    Thank you for the link love. Thank you for the ink.

  4. janice

    Aw, shucks! (A word learned from years of watching the Waltons…) Thanks, guys; my daughter may even be nice to me for the rest of the day when she sees this.

  5. Melissa Donovan

    That’s one killer link-love post! Thanks for including Writing Forward, and thanks especially for your kind words. I actually blushed a little when I read what you said. There is so much good stuff in this post, I don’t know where to start exploring! Muah!

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