You Can Make a Living Online as a Writer

online writerIf you have always longed to see your words in print but have never wanted to fight with the old guard gatekeepers of the publishing industry, you have found yourself in the perfect place and time in history to make your dreams come true. Even if you have no desire for publication, but would love to make a living with writing, there has never been a better time than now.

Web 2.0 has ushered in a new world, brimming with the possibilities of unbridled success for authors of every sort. With a few keystrokes, writers now have unlimited access to an impossible array of subjects. These endless resources are available at all hours of the day and across the majority of the globe.

Anyone can render writing hope to writing reality, but it does require a decent amount of diligence. Even overnight successes don’t truly happen overnight. Crawling leads to walking; walking leads to running; running leads eventually to a sprint.

You must first light the fuse, then engage in the hard work of consistent practice and constant patience to see your dream to the end.

You don’t need to jump in head first, however. Dip your toe and feel the temperature of the water. Perhaps you don’t have a novel burning inside you, but you know you wish to work with words for a living. Head online and browse through the countless e-zines and newsletters. See what they have to offer. Find out what interests the masses who are wandering the Web in the middle of the night. Locate your own interests and join relevant groups and forums.

Open your mind, make yourself worth knowing, and start writing.

Discover the latest trends. Pay attention to the relevant issues in your desired topic that tend to pop out here and there, again and again. Subscribe to groups or forums that will be help you in your interests. Keep on top of the latest news within your niche. Be interested in anything and everything.

The Internet has opened the windows wide for every segment of society. Like nothing before in history, it closes the door on no one. Even my mother, terrified of the computer just one year ago, now takes computer classes with the unrestrained enthusiasm of a toddler with crayons.

Once you start writing you will need to keep practicing. The learning curve isn’t steep, but it does take time. To truly taste success, you must love what you do and be willing to do it for the long haul. You will eventually reach the tipping point where people know your name and the sight of your byline is cause for a smile.

It will never happen if you don’t make it so. Don’t wait. Pick up your pen and paper or head off to the computer. Either way, tomorrow’s dream can start today.

15 responses to You Can Make a Living Online as a Writer

  1. Kathy | Virtual Impax

    No truer words have been spoken:

    “You must first light the fuse, then engage in the hard work of consistent practice and constant patience to see your dream to the end.”

    I can’t tell you how many “great” ideas I’ve seen crash and burn because they didn’t follow through with “consistent practice and constant patience”.


    • Sean

      That’s the hard part isn’t it? So worth it though, when we finally add enough sunlight and water to see our garden grow. I don’t know if there’s anything in life so rewarding.

  2. Tumblemoose


    Words of wisdom indeed. It’s not an easy road to travel, but the important thing to remember is that there *is* a road. Stay on it and don’t be too discouraged by any setbacks. The writing will come, the jobs will come and before you know it, you’re doing something you love and getting paid for it.



    • Sean

      I think part of the difficulty lies in the same thing that makes it all so amazing – the immediacy of our new online world. Because people can get going in an instant, it is too easy to believe we can fly without a runway. But it takes time to build bridges between yesterday and tomorrow. Patience is key.

  3. David Cain

    *Raises arms in a V*

    You’re absolutely right, the internet has blessed us all with the ability to get our work out there without the co-operating of a publisher or anyone else who can do something we can’t do ourselves. Great time to be alive!

    • Sean

      HA, you said it! It is a GREAT time to be alive. I can’t imagine how much the world is going to change in the next ten to twenty years, but I can’t help feel that we are in a golden age of growth for sure. I wonder what my children will think of this time every single day. Arms in a V indeed. : > )

  4. Marc

    With you Sean it’s not so much a word to the wise, but rather a word *from* the wise.

    Excellent post my friend.

  5. Carla

    I agree with Vered regarding blogging. It has opened up so many doors for me that would have been sealed shut given I don’t have the college degree. Thank you for posting this!

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